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A gallery of projects I have completed. Most of these were made as either side or school projects. Take a look around and see what you like! Please reach out if you have questions.

Images of 0s that are perturbated to confuse a ML model

Set Based Attacks on ML Models

An exploration in adversarial perturbations that are set based so as to increase transferability.

GIF of terminal being recorded

Hyper Orama

Open source terminal session recorder

Map of world which shows sources for internet attacks

Attack Map

Source locations for brute force attacks

Image of NPM logo

NPM Recommender

Uses collaborative filtering to recommended additional package dependencies

Logo for Illini Hyper Loop

Hyperloop Simulator

Wrote a simulator to allow for rapid testing under various scenarios

Image of thousands of asteriods orbiting the sun

Asteroids and Gravitational Waves Paper

A research paper that tries to answer what affect the asteroid belt will have on LISA

Image of cool code

Code Background Generator

Generates cool backgrounds for windows computers

Image of minesweeper the game


A command line minesweeper game with AI

Graph showing safety of different police beats

Safety Rating Research Paper

A research paper that proposes a new way to rate the safety of cities